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Operation Lifesaver, Inc
Rail Safety education makes California communities safer.

Increased awareness equals increased safety, both behind the wheel and on foot. Operation Lifesaver educational outreach programs mean safer citizens.

By promoting effective and modern engineering, CAOL is encouraging innovators to research and develop new and effective ways of keeping grade crossings safe, lessening the chance of a tragic incident.

The laws that govern our state's railways are in place to keep people safe at designated crossing areas, and away from private railroad property. CAOL supports aggressive enforcement of these laws, as well as Grade Crossing Collision Investigation (GCCI) courses, Officer on the Train (OOT) events, and classes for emergency first responders.

                                                                      These are the THREE Es OF SAFETY. When more people know them, share
                                                                        them, and live them, more lives will be saved. That's our bottom line.